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Olympic security fiasco outfit G4S to provide policing support at G8 in Ireland


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Jan 14, 2011
It seems the British Government is incapable of learning any lessons from last year's botched security at the London Olympics, with it being announced UK security firm G4S is to provide 450 extra staff for the G8 summit in Co. Fermanagh. This was the same G4S that failed to adequately provide the level of contracted security required, forcing the GB Gov to step in costing the taxpayers millions. NI SoS however claims everything will be fine. :rolleyes:

G4S, the firm behind the Olympic security fiasco, is also to provide support at the summit.

The company suffered a multimillion pound loss and damage to its reputation after failing to provide all of its contracted guards to the Olympic Games in London last year.

G4S will supply 450 employees to the event.

Ms Villiers said lessons had been learned and claimed that the UK Foreign Office was confident G4S could deliver.

"The G8 is considerably less than the numbers that were required for the mammoth operation at the Olympics," she added.
Military help drafted in for G8 - UTV Live News

Note to Mods: The G8 is a global event with implications for GB, NI and the Republic. So please leave this in the UK forum.

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