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Jun 30, 2010
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Great piece here by Joe and I am certain many will add to this brave man(Martin McGuinness) contribution to the Irish peace process and his involvement in others.

I did not watch the View last night but I heard all about it this morning on BBC Radio Ulster on Nolan. (By the way, what an ignorant man Nolan is. Jude, you have great patience.) I heard the kind words spoken by Ian Paisley Jnr about Martin McGuinness and his good wishes and expression of gratitude to him. I was not surprised since Martin had told me how well received he was at Dr Paisley’s wake by the whole family including Ian Jnr. Nevertheless, it took courage for Ian Jnr to come on the radio and make his gracious remarks. He knew he would get a lambasting from the Traditional Unionist, Allister and even from some within the DUP. These mouthpieces, always favoured by the Nolan show, are now an
embarrassment to unionism. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of positive response from DUP quarters to Ian Jnr’s comments and pleasantly surprised at the genuine complime..........read on folks in the link below.

'Martin McGuinness

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