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Overpaid TD's and their 30'000k lunch expenses.


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Oct 7, 2009
I have a life.
So Enda 220'000kpa and his merry men have been even merrier it seems as they wine and dine for our good:

A LITTLE-known entertainment cash fund of €30,000 a year is being used to splurge on guests and associates of a select group of TDs, 15 Dail politicians to be exact as they work as chairmen of Oireachtas committees. Allowance works out at €2,539 each for the golden circle.

TDs are defending the allowance by saying it is used to pay for lunch for guests and witnesses before their committee. But bizarrely, it is also available to the Dail and Seanad committees on members' interests, whose work is to decide the rules for each house and does not usually involve entertaining delegations.

When asked why these committees would need an allowance, an Oireachtas spokeswoman said: "They can invite experts in on anything." (and we're worth it)


Are'nt we a great little country all the same especially as we are broke.
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