Paralympics 2016 in Rio thread. Team Ireland doing us proud


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Jun 22, 2012
Yep, After the minor match in Ireland, we always have the real deal. The Olympics is no different. In Brazil they've lost their elected President since the drugie fest a month ago, so they've held on to our OCI President Pat Hickey for a while. Pat is unfortunately unable to support Team Ireland but it doesn't seem to have thrown them off course, 3 days in and 2 medals in the bag.

Great opportunity for our soccer team against the hosts, sadly no john Delaney to cheer them on. High point for me is the introduction of the swimmers. One by one they walk out to enormous cheers from supporters and family. Extraordinary moment where personal courage is seen for all it is. You don't get that out of a bottle.

Paddy Sarkozy

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Aug 19, 2010
And so the Paralympics end. Yawn, has anyone noticed?
Should these games now be quietly dropped from the sporting calendar?

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