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Apr 11, 2007
The US and the UK government are starting to realise belatedly that rehab programmes to stop criminals from reoffending shouldn't be all about spending but should focus on paying for results,which historically have been poor for programmes based on spending without emphasis on results. See OpEd Live | The Times
(subscription only),The Times.

"So the government is introducing six payments by results schemes.Operators will get paid after they have reduced the rate of reoffending by released prisoners by at least 7.5 per centage points from the present average level of 61 per cent."

Do any Irish rehabs pay by result?


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Nov 14, 2007
Keeping track of effectiveness and dropping programmes that aren't making an impact, in favour of ones that are, should be a general practice. And not just in this area.

Amazing that there isn't more pressure for this.

But who gets to track the numbers and determine success or failure?

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