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"Peoples Referendum/Border Poll" to be held in South Armagh/North Louth May 25th 2013

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Nov 22, 2009
The Border Poll Campaign is gathering pace. Last weekend there was a 10k family walk/run which followed the border between Culloville Co. Armagh and Shelagh Co Louth.
Last Monday night a debate on a United Ireland was held where Mary Lou McDonald renewed her call for a Border Poll to be held during the lifetime of the next NI Assembly.
This weekend there will be 3 car cavalcades converging in Crossmaglen Square where Martin McGuinness will be joined by 32 local children who will perform a balloon release.
Then next week there will be a trial Referendum/Border Poll in Crossmaglen Co. Armagh and Creggan Upper Co. Louth.
So what do people think of the initiative? Anybody planning to vote? Any predictions on the result?


People's Referendum 'Fun Run' - YouTube

Reifreann Teorann le reáchtáil i ndeisceart Ard Mhacha agus tuaisceart Lú | Meon Eile

McDonald calls for border poll in the lifetime of next Assembly and Oireachtas terms | Sinn Féin
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