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PIRA man names 4 PIRA colleagues who carried out the Birmingham bombings


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May 2, 2010
Jesus, this thread is ridiculous and very sad. It goes to show just how engrained in the past people are here. There will be no future with it.

Yeah, sh1t happened in the past, accept it, move on. How the fvck do you expect to move on when every second turn someone is b1tching about the past? And the blame is on both sides of the divide. No one of you are looking forward.

Jesus wept.


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Mar 24, 2019
This is your very last warning, my nationality is not the subject of this or any other thread.
Well the geniuses on here have convinced themselves that when your parents were engaged in maritals, one or the other ought to have considered that such activity might result in the birth of another English person.

The least they could have done is asked you when you were born if you'd prefer to be, I don't know, Swiss or something else and then taken appropriate remedies. :)


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Jan 16, 2010
Let's get their medals ready for this great act of heroism. Every Englishman dead is an eternal victory.

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