Police Repression and Political Murders in Brazil


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Jun 5, 2015
Genuinely worried for Brazil

First they removed the centrist leader in a judicial coup, the one who replaces her is more corrupt but so are the judiciary and they refuse to indict HIM.

Now they are considering electing a total (the word would be banned). He has the rainforests in his sights and has already threatened organisations like the WWF.


We would trade what? Immeasurably precious biodiversity - ecologically important on a global scale for what? So that JR Ewings like this can put an extra story on their house? As a species every day i pray for some hope that we can change ourselves in time, that we can look ahead see disaster and avert and every year it gets worse. The calibre of politician becomes less wise, more idiotic, more of a plutocrat, more shortsighted.

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