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Jun 5, 2015
As an example of one such agenda...The promotion of monarchy by Hollywood and others in the entertainment industry. Particularly the lot over in London... Endless TV shows about Tudors, drama series about QE2 (Netflix) - multiple big budget films about Elisabeth I, Victoria, King George.

Quiz shows with questions focused on kings and queens (regurgitated a lot too) - to the exclusion of the vast rest of history. If you came to the subject new you would almost believe that there was nothing else in history but the affairs and deeds of monarchs. It is a real shame to me because history is fascinating, there is so much there to learn and be delighted by - the ultra conservative doings and goings of the dictator in chief and his family is one of the least interesting so this focus on them is also a kind of 'dumbing down'. More sinister it serves to retrospectively justify and normalise Royalty and the claims they had to own everything and have oversight over everyone in the countries they dominated - and that is not just a gripe from a person whose country was blighted by them in a colonial sense, i have heard the same complaint from unbrainwashed English people. I can understand the interest in one sense because this is quite a vapid age we live in the obsession with wealth and pretty frocks and parties and such and that is the area they tend to focus on - focusing as they do on sexually outrageous monarchs like Henry VIII but most always on female monarchs perceived as glamorous, so even in the tight area of monarchy itself there is dumbing down.

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