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Mr Crowley

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Nov 18, 2008


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Sep 4, 2008
Is that a Tam O' Shanter?

Utopian Hermit Monk

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Jun 8, 2007
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Queen baffled by portrait gift as she asks German president: 'Is that supposed to be my father?'

President Gauck’s official welcome of the Queen to his country got off to a distinctly awkward start when the monarch reacted with disdain to her official present, an acrylic painting by Nicole Leidenfrost.
The highly stylised picture depicted a young Princess Elizabeth on a blue pony with flecks of yellow and green, with her father George VI holding the reins.

“That’s a funny colour for a horse,” said the Queen, who probably knows as much about equine matters as anyone alive.
The monarch also struggled to identify the second figure in the portrait and asked President Gauck: “Is that supposed to be my father?”

The good-natured conversation carried on and Mr Gauck said: “Don't you recognise him?” The Queen replied: “No.” ...

The Duke of Edinburgh received a more traditional gift of an 18th century map of Europe and the couple were also given some luxury marzipan. ...

President Gauck tried to laugh off her reaction saying that, if she didn't like the painting, she might enjoy the marzipan! :oops:

The painting

is based on a 1930 photo

This seems to have been an instance of Her UNgracious Majesty showing her frostier side.

Just as well she wasn't in this kind of mood during her Irish visit! :shock2:


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Jan 13, 2011
Grumpy old cow. Even us commoners know to have the basic decency to pretend to like a gift even if we don't.

It was a thoughtful gift and even if she didn't care for the way it was painted she should have accepted it in the spirit in was offered.

I hope they spat on the marzipan.

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