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Mar 12, 2004
I know there are two main kind of bonsholders, can never remember which. But:

It always sounds when reading the papers that bondholders are something like Greek gods, existing somewhere above the ordinary world, but influencing its fortune.
But these bondholders must be fairly terrestrial, and in fact belong to a country and pay taxes, unless they are countries themselves. So: Who exactly are they?

Question re banks: Does any country need a/several national banks? Why?
I'm a customer of NIB, and despite of its name its since a long time not a national bank, but it does the job I need it for. I can always become a customer of a foreign bank not operating in Ireland, can't I? So why does a country apparently need one or more national banks?


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Nov 20, 2007
Bond holders are anyone who bought one of these products.
UBS - Bonds

Top investment banks buy government bonds, keep some and sell some on.

Bondholders are most likely, institutions like pension funds, or in many cases German local authorities. Hence the strong German interest in this. They don't want all their small towns going bust because they lent money to Seanie Fitzpatrick and the Irish taxpayer will not pay back!
Hence the Germans are lending us money to pay their local councils back!
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