Rape And The issue of Consent. The Pundits Miss The Point.


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Oct 16, 2012

Feminists like McDermott need to understand that there is nothing wrong with the legal system. Women must realise that if they put themselves in a position where they are alone with a man then the circumstances may be such that it becomes impossible to prove lack of consent in a sexual encounter. Harsh but true.

Rape has always been up there with murder as a very serious offence, that men were hanged for in the past. Women belonged to a father, husband or son, and so rape also affected their property rights.

In todays' world there is a spectrum from the lady's regret to the full-on savage assault by a psycho. But in either case the complainant has to be prepared to bare her soul in court, and be tried by her past actions, and so it is a really hard and brave choice to make.

But I couldn't believe this from the USA. Thousands of samples taken for rape cases that were stored and not tested.


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