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Receiver appointed to Thomas Crosbie Holdings owners of The Examiner


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Apr 6, 2008
Receiver appointed to publisher of Irish Examiner - RTÉ News

A receiver has been appointed to the media group which owns the Irish Examiner as part of a complex restructuring of the company.

Most of the assets of the group, Thomas Crosbie Holdings, have now been bought by a new company from the receiver; Kieran Wallace of KPMG.

The new company, named Landmark Media Limited, is backed by Tom Crosbie and his father Ted who were shareholders in TCH.

The newspapers being bought by Landmark Media are the Irish Examiner, Evening Echo, Waterford News and Star and the Wexford Echo.
So John Gormleys recent tweet about the Examiner and Recievership (??) had an air of truth in it but was denied at the time. Mr Gormley jumped the gun it seems but it has now come to being. I assume a certain amount of job culling will occur here?

Irish Examiner and associated media acquired by Landmark Media Investments through a financial restructuring | Irish Examiner