Reports of "concentration camps" for gay people in Chechnya


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Jun 5, 2015
Of course both the US and Russia are avowed enemies of gay communities throughout the Middle East and the Caucus. After America 'liberated' Iraq the triumphant Shia hunted them down like dogs, seeking them out - even laying traps for them, even going after people who appeared like so called 'emos'.

Fear as death squads hunt Iraq's gays and emos | Reuters

It's not going well for them in Libya either and we don't need to use our imagination much to say the same in Syria.

On this matter i give the credit to Israel, they get high marks while Iran gets none.

As with the Christians the US interventions have been horrific for gay people, i would challenge just one apologist for the US interventions who sees them as a 'liberalising force' to furnish evidence of the US doing anything anything at all to countermand this effect, to support gays in the countries they turned upside down. Just one little bit of evidence of anything. If you cannot do so and remain silent on how US interventionism has hardened conservatism and psychopathic authoritarianism (the very things the propaganda of the Arab Springs told us they were going to overthrow) and destroyed the lives of gays, lesbians and other minorities - you are a hypocrite.


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Jan 31, 2009
Gay Men Who Fled Chechnya Speak to CNN About Abduction, Torture



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Jun 4, 2010
You've got it all wrong. There's clearly no persecution BY the police because nobody has reported such a claim TO the police.

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