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Resettlement of whole towns, could it happen in Ireland?

de valera's' giddy goat

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Jul 22, 2011
I read this story in the paper today about a little community in Newfoundland that is requesting to be resettled as the inhabitants feel there is no future for them in their small village.

Little Bay Islands forced to ask Newfoundland for ‘resettlement’ | Canada | News | National Post

i found it quite sad, there seems to be almost equal opposition to the proposal as there is enthusiasm for it within the residents. It is a policy that has been happening in Newfoundland for 60 plus years.

Resettlement (Newfoundland) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

could this ever happen in Ireland? there are many towns struggling around the country, would the government ever consider this policy to be introduced. obviously there is a lot more isolation in Newfoundland than any part of Ireland, we don't have to contend with polar bears and ice floes and being cut off for months from the rest of civilisation.

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