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Sep 30, 2009
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The Councillors conference gravy train still calls to Limerick. We are paying for Sean Nós Singing, overnight accommodation because of wine drinking and "research visits" to local taverns.

This weeks Limerick Leader has published details of the conference expenses claimed by City Councillors so far this year.

The article reveals reveal such gems as....

*FF's Kieran O'Hanlon attending conferences in Dublin and Kerry...On the same day.

*Joe Leddin, Labour party general election candidate, claiming euro 1,000 for a conference which consisted of Sean Nós Dancing & recitals in the flute,fiddle,bodhrán and tin whistle.

*Former Mayor of Limerick (and would be FG general elelection candidate) Kevin Kiely attended a "Faith beyond Belief" conference which stretched over four days. Councillor Kiely used the novel "Wining & dining defence" to explain himself. Here is how it goes..... ..He told the Limerick Leader "If you go to places, there is usually a conference dinner. You are going to have a drink or a glass of wine. If you drive back,you are breaking the law.Would people prefer you break the law, rather than doing the right thing?"

Labour councillors Gerry McLoughlin, Orla McLoughlin, Independent Kathleen Leddin and FG's Pat Kennedy also submitted claims for the conference at the Glor Theatre in Ennis - which according to the organisation's website, included walking tours of Ennis, poetry readings, and "research visits to local taverns for lively debate and impromptu singing"

According to the Limerick Leader, the highest claimer, Cllr Pat Kennedy "declined to comment".

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Jun 28, 2010
An interesting point again that SF cost you less, and you get more:)
Get more what exactly? What a country we have - one big ************************************ gravy train for some -


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Oct 20, 2010
Dillie o Wee is foked,, he has only one co co to rely on,, no wonder he's given out to ould wans

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