Ridiculous Speed Limits

Baron von Biffo

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May 16, 2007
And was the car road-worthy? I think I saw somewhere it was old. Bad tyres or other faults are exacerbated when there is a full load of passengers on board. So, it might not just have been down to speed. Shocking and horrendous accident though.
I said that that excessive speed was likely to have been a factor, not that it was the only cause of the accident.

The gosafe vans are normally used where there has been fatalities, but I suspect they are also used where it's easy to catch people as well.
I object to the dishonesty of calling them 'gosafe' when they're being used for inappropriate speed limit enforcement that doesn't address any reasonable safety concern.

I've no problem with the limits at road works though.
Even if we agreed that 60KM/h was appropriate when the site is being worked (though I don't), there's no justification for such a low limit at night or on Sundays when there are no works.

Electronic signage such as that used at some schools would be cheap in the context of a major project like this. It could be used to allow higher limits outside work hours.


Jan 31, 2011
I heard that the Gardai were seizing cars of unaccompanied learner drivers, could that be true?