RTE, Downes and the Irish-Americans


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Sep 30, 2010
I'm not sure how many people on here would have seen this story on RTE earlier this week. Six One News - RT News Player RTE went with a Irish-Americans tell Ireland to "move on" angle. The whole story/angle is a fabrication of the worst kind. Downes states New York is "roaring ahead" again. That will be news to New Yorkers. Unemployment stuck at 10%. Unemployment benefits running out this week for the long-term unemployed. Now for the Irish-American part. It is a myth to claim that "Irish-Americans" are at the top of industry in the US. The Italians. Greeks, Polish, etc etc all claim the same thing. Some business leaders are "Irish-American" but most would have no real connection to or interest in Ireland (from my own personal experiences). They attend these dinner events to network for themselves are their companies first and foremost. Again from my own experiences the Americans who usually have a real interest in Ireland are rarely "Irish-Americans". A lot of Americans of East european or German origin I find have a genuine interest in ireland as it is.

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