RTE News 19 November 2010


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Oct 4, 2006
FF have a Minister and a Junior Minister that make me cringe because of their style
FG have 3 that wind me up the wrong way, Reilly is one of them and tonight he did it again. When he turned his eyes to the camera I felt not for the first time that this idiot is a political twat way out of his depth

Rabbite is the one politician I dislike the most and not because of last night. For years he had this chip on the shoulder sarcastic attitude that was irritating. Thought he had mellowed a bit but last night he really showed his true colours. He gets a senior post in government FF will not rest till revenge is executed
what age are you,you muppet.does mammy know youre on the computer?

Miserable eFFer

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May 4, 2010
Jeez folks if looks have that much of an effect on yiz how would ye be if they could kill. The Haka comes to mind. I wonder if it might frighten those fools out of the dail?

Nonsence & lies

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Sep 13, 2010
Feel it only fair that the public continue to remember that as head of the IMO reilly is responsible for a fair chunk of the gravy train consultants outlandish pay deals. I know ff were always happy to pay, as long as it was made look like they had no choice.
Reilly has damaged this country twice
1st by screwing us on consultants fees
2nd keep enda as leader


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Feb 24, 2008
Ohhh no there not!... Ohhh yes they are!!...

The IMF will do what we failed to do ourselves..

But can they please start with Pat Kenny, Marian Finucane, Joe Duffy and Ryan Tubrity... the talkers who deceived us into believing that talk would solve our problem.. Two years of listening to sh1te!

Then the social partners: David Begg, Jack O’Conor.. and of course “central banker” Des Geraghty who deceived us in believing that jobs for the boys was the answer..

Here’s to the Terminal Two Agreement!..

citizen pat

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Oct 3, 2009
twitter! is what birds do
Gormley is out of the bunker

Gormley's statement makes it sound as if it was government policy to bring in the IMF...Muppet!!!
and he finally got out of the bunker to talk at the plain people , probably had to
he needed to give that arrogant patronising Eamon Ryan a break

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