Russian President Inauguration Ceremony 2018

Destiny's Soldier

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Jul 6, 2007

No other country in the World can choreograph a State event quite as good as this. It is fitting and deserving for the finest World Leader of the 21st Century.

The magnificent visual splendour of it all!

When Putin first became president in 2000, he inherited a basket case. Since then, he has restored much of Russia's former greatness. Now he faces his toughest challenge: ensuring those gains are consolidated after his departure.

Since his first presidential election victory, there have been three Putin epochs. And to partially borrow from Donald Trump's successful US election pitch, they have been: 'make Russia stable again' (2000-03), 'make Russia rich' (2004-07), and 'make Russia respected again' (2012-17).

Now, in his presumed final term, Putin has to achieve something which eluded long-serving Kremlin bosses in the 20th century. And that is to manage a successful transition. Because, in the Soviet era, Josef Stalin (28 years in power) and Leonid Brezhnev (18 years) both failed to plan for the future. With the former leaving behind a vicious power struggle and the latter's mismanagement creating the conditions for the complete collapse of the state, less than a decade after his own demise.

(Delighted too to be able to link to an Irish Journalist, Bryan McDonald working for RT)


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Jun 20, 2007
Really don't know why they bother with this ceremony, why not just re-run the videotape from 1st inauguration and there will be a few more to come, all he has to do is change his mind/the rules again.

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