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"Scale-ups" of small and medium size businesses could grow the economy for a relatively modest consultancy investment


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Apr 11, 2007
"Scale-ups" of small and medium size businesses could grow the economy for a relatively modest consultancy investment

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Established small and medium sized businesses can benefit greatly from professional advice on how to expand but are usually overlooked in the emphasis on helping startups. Irish business organisations, business schools and government agencies for business should encourage formation of consultancies specialising in this sector. Some government subsidies may be needed as a lot of small business consultancy isn't profitable. Consultancy should initially be focused on the 20 percent plus growth companies in the quotation below.


"Helping increase sales at these kind of enterprise does more for economic development...than promoting startups..."

" "It's actually pretty easy within 6 to 12 months to show a $3 million company how to become a $4 million company", says Babson professor Daniel Isenberg..." "

"...enterprises with greater than 20 percent annual growth in revenue or head count for three years running after reaching a minimum of 10 employees..."are believed to create all net new jobs" even though they make up a minority of of companies in the U.S."

" "It's counterintuitive to help businesses that are already profitable, Isenberg says..."


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Jan 18, 2006
Legitimate startups are moonshottier ... and politicians tend to only favor the grandest of grand plans

The Wally has outsourced his thinking on Enterprise to Andrew McDowell ...who is only slightly less Wallyish than the Wally-in-Chief ...but Andrew McDowell is even less aware of his ignorance and incompetence...so proves much more talented at making a mess of things

Monkeys throwing darts at choices would be wiser ...as such monkeys...couldn't be gamed


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