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Scottish/UK Scottish independence poll 27/11/2012


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Dec 14, 2011
Angus Reid poll:

- 35% of Scots want status-quo, 20% full independence, 20% "some" additional powers e.g. Scottish rate of income tax, and 12% want "many" additional powers such as "full financial independence" from UK.
- 50% of Scots favour holding the independence referendum, with 35% opposed. In GB its 47-26.
- Just 35% of Scots want an independent Scotland to repay the debt from the UK govt bailout of RBS, compared to 72% in GB.
- 82% of Scots want an independent Scotland to keep the UK Pound, compared to 58% in GB.
- Scots divided 27-27 on whether they would be happy/sad if Scotland left the Union. Adding in satisfied/dissatisfed, it's 39-44.
- 68% of Scots want Scotland to retain Elizabeth II as monarch in an independent Scotland, compared to 56% in GB.
- 76% of Scots want an independent Scotland to control all North Sea oil revenues. Just 28% in the rest of Britain agree.


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