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Sep 15, 2009
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Gavin Sheridan at The Story has been enquiring about the level of public money which has been spent on our potiticians homes or constituency offices (capital costs on buildings), particularly concentrating on Ministers.

We sought a breakdown of this information and sought to understand if anything other than works in relation to security had been carried out at the homes or constituency offices of politicians, particularly ministers.
Following refusal by the OPW to release the information, the case was put to the Information Commission who agreed that the information could be released albeit not detailed.

In a settlement reached via the Information Commissioner, it was agreed that information related to expenditure would be released but in an anonymised format, due to security considerations. We agreed to this.
Politician A
Total: €137,800.62

Politician B
Total: € 15,600.00

Politician C
Total: €248,573.78

Politician D
Total: € 74,450.39

Politician E
Total: €3,335

Politician F
Total: €285,735

Overall total: €765,494.79
As far as we can understand much of these costs are in relation to some things you can see on Google Street View, such as the green structures outside the Taoiseach’s house, and the home of the former Taoiseach. It also might relate to the laying of cables, triple glazed windows and security systems.
The Story

Wonder who these six politicians are?


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Jun 17, 2010
The costs of 24 hour security for living taoisigh as well as for living ministers for justice will be interesting.

At least Garret FitzGerald had some sense in calling for the 24 hour security to be scrapped. FitzGerald even got rid of his own 24 hour security. The loyalists are no longer after him for the Anglo-Irish Agreement;)

Expose the lot of them

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Jan 15, 2009
Has Garret still got the car and drivers? What about Albert Reynolds, believe he lives in the Four Seasons, does he 24 hr security and car? How many other exs are still alive and availing of the cars, drivers and security?

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Oct 31, 2010
Given the conduct of parties like Éirígí amoung other extreme left-wing groups I think security is justifible in the current situation.


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Oct 26, 2010
I reckon theyed want to up it shortly.After the budget they will need all the security they get.£320k to a minister and minimum wage reduced.They sure know how to light a fuse !

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