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Jul 17, 2009
First off Im not exactly the world's greatest admirer of Jim Kalb or indeed contemporary "Paleo-Conservatives" though there is no denying the superiority of Mediaeval culture or the bourgeois culture of the 19 th century (just compare John Brown, Herman Melville, Charles Dickens and Bismark to desert that surrounds us today) to the post-modern state-capitalist west...But they disintergrated because of their own contradictions and are gone, to "revive" them would be only to bring into existence a zombie and not a truelly living cultural organism....Anyway I found this article interesting. It makes very valid points about the wasteland around even if it fails to offer real solutions or a real understanding of how it came to be.

"The resulting narcissistic fragility leads the subject to be more dependent on external objects, to be allergic to frustration, to find delay in the achievement of instinctive aims hard to take, to develop an exaggerated pursuit of perception and sensations. The relation to time is also affected through a privileged investment in the present and the shading off of historical time....The account is jargony but the substance sounds familiar. The basic idea is that people aren't really getting socialized, so character and connections to other people disappear. Instead there's just impulse, self-indulgence, and flip-flopping between grandiosity and depression, tyranny and subservience, and no doubt other mindless polarities. Life becomes a matter of pure immediacy and groundless assertion of self, combined with insecurity and avoidance of issues."

He also makes this valid point....

"We have to start where we are, so for a lot of people the first step is to turn against the New York Times and the kindergarten teachers who provide our official theory of the good life by adopting a youth culture that's heretical and seems powerful because it's assertive and appeals to pieces of reality now officially nonexistent. They become pagans, Randians, white nationalists, or whatever."

Seems powerful rather than is actually powerful is right....A most people who become libertarians, neo-Nazies, Odin whorshippers, etc do so out of psychological need to assert a "powerful image" due to feelings of adequacy...They have become so derranged they must hype themselves up in such over the top ways in order to go through the basic hassles of life. Unlike Kalb I would see such as not a step up but a step further down into the decomposition of the west.

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