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Jun 17, 2010
I'm not aware of the IRA selling tickets, can you point them out?

I also don't think too many people concerned at what a particular t-shirt says. I think people are more concerned about the state of the affairs in this country and with the alternatives published (or not), well done Sinn Féin. People are more concerned about these issues than political pot shots that are all so common among Fine Gael members. Hell, take a look at the discussion on Meath West constituency on this forum. Fine Gael members at each others throats - a stunning display of team playing and working together.

Sinn Féin supports the IRA - have done since the beginning and are embroiled in an effort to secure lasting peace, justice and prosperity in this country. Both organisations are genuine about that and I think most people recognise that - not least the vast amount of people who vote, support and work for Sinn Féin. People are and soon will get bored with the silly pot shots coming from Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil and see Fine Gael exactly for what they are - FF Lite.
mistakenly wrote tickets instead of t-shirts, just a typo we're not all perfect.

support an organisation then that is known worldwide for atrocious murders and see if that gets Sinn Féin into government in the dail or into the mainstream in southern politics for that matter.

I wouldn't regard FG as FF-lite. How can you claim a party that has only spent 18 years in government, a quarter of the state's existence, to FF who have spent two thirds of the state's existence in government and has constantly been corrupt and in today's scenario, squandered wealth. What next? Are you going to blame Alan Shearer for getting Newcastle United relegated in 2009 despite only taking over with 5 games to go.
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