SIPO Political Parties Disclose Donations Received in 2015


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Jun 3, 2006
Political Parties Disclose Donations Received in 2015 - Standards in Public Office Commission
Figures released today by the Standards in Public Office Commission show that political parties disclosed donations valued at €172,794 for 2015.
The donations disclosed by each party came to the following total amounts:
PartyTotal donations disclosed
Anti - Austerity Alliance11,592
Fine Gael98,752
Green Party4,880
Social Democrats2,500
Renua Ireland5,000
Stop the Water Tax – Socialist Party37,710
The Labour Party7,500
Workers and Unemployed Action4,860
No other party disclosed any donations in 2015.
There were 22 political parties registered during 2015 to contest Dáil or European elections. Each of these parties was required to furnish a Donation Statement in respect of 2015 to the Commission by 31 March 2016. Donations exceeding €1,500 in value received by them during 2015 were required to be disclosed. The maximum value of donations which a political party could accept from the same donor in the same year was €2,500.
Accounting units
An accounting unit is a branch or other subsidiary organisation of a political party which receives a donation in excess of €100 in any year. An accounting unit, on receipt of a monetary donation in excess of €100, must open and maintain a political donations account in a financial institution in the State. By 31 March each year, a statement from the financial institution in which the account is held together with a Certificate of Monetary Donations must be furnished to the Commission.
Details of Certificates of Monetary Donations and bank statements furnished to the Commission by political parties and their accounting units are not laid before the Houses of the Oireachtas nor put on public display. The Commission analysed the bank statements for 2015 submitted to it.
The table below gives details of the position relating to the movement of funds of accounting units of the larger parties. At the time of writing some 6 accounting units had failed to submit complete bank statements to the Commission and the table below does not show the total amount of funds held by all accounting units. The Commission is in continuing correspondence with those accounting units that have failed to furnish complete documentation.
Political Party (total no. of accounting units)No of accounting unit bank statements receivedOpening bank balance (of all returns received)* €Year end bank balance (of all returns received) * €
People Before Profit / Anti – Austerity Alliance (13)1318,037.4941,122.66
Fianna Fáíl (36)34204,284.26213,482.84
Fine Gael (54)54292,630.13331,336.54
Green Party (16)1637,807.9438,931.94
Sinn Féin (15)154,191.144,920.54
The Labour Party (35)3361,540.9361,471.64
Others (13)1145,822.69119,143.33
Total (182)176664,314.58810,409.49
*Recorded from bank statements
The Commission's report gives details of the donations disclosed by political parties. Donation Statements furnished to the Commission may be inspected and copied by members of the public at its offices at 18 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2. The report and the donations statements are available on the Commission's website.
Standards in Public Office Commission
18 lower Leeson Street
Political Party Donations 2015 - Standards in Public Office Commission

interesting that Sinn Fein have so little in their accouting units
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Jun 3, 2006
Renua Ireland
Name & address of donorDescription of donorValue of donation
Eddie Hobbs,
Unit W9A1, Tougher Business Park, Newhall, Naas, Co. Kildare
Gerard Barry,

Knocknacarra Road, Galway
this Gerard Barry formely of fintrax?
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