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Apr 30, 2010
This is interesting - even though proven guilty, apparently under French law a person is legally innocent until all appeals have been exhausted.

Google convicted of defaming French user 'by linking his name to rape in searches'

According to French reports, the man was convicted of the “corruption of a minor” and sentenced to three years in jail earlier this year. Despite appealing his conviction, the man discovered his name was linked by the search function to the phrases.

Green eyed monster

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Feb 13, 2008
I found the following the most disturbing part of the article...

In an interview last month Mr Schmidt (Google CEO), 55, predicted that in the future, Google will know so much about its users that the search engine will be able to help them plan their lives.
Google is actively trying to source as much information as it can on everybody who uses it, to what end? Is this justifiable in terms of an advertisement program or seeing as it is now such a huge corporation it wields the power of a middle sized nation is this more sinister?

Time will tell but i find myself reflexively welcoming any privacy related court decisions that impede Google's ability to operate, even those brought by alleged child abusers.

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