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Mar 30, 2010
Smoke and Mirrors

It seems the population of our island are to be screwed for the banks mis management, developers greed and government incompetence.

Being one of the screwed I think I have a right to know some facts. I think we have a right to know who’s debts we are paying. After all, if someone is caught dodging tax the revenue publish their details. Stubbs make a living from outing people who default on loans.

The law may currently prevent the exposure of these details. I’d vote for the party that proposes changing the law.

After all, WE the people of Ireland, are paying off their debts.

In a country where even the opposition are not allowed to see the books of Finance, its time for open government.

1. Who is moving to NAMA and how much do they owe?
2. Who owes money to the banks in the 5 million to 20 million range?
3. Who in the banks approved the lists from above?
4. What has happened to those that approved those loans to reflect their negligence?
5. Who was responsible for monitoring the financial state of the banks?
6. Why did they not know what negligence was going on?
7. How could the responsible persons not know the debts being run up by the banks were large enough to bankrupt our country?
8. Who is buying the property being sold by NAMA?
9. How is the property being sold by NAMA being marketed?
10. Can every citizen in the country see the details of the NAMA sales?

If we can give an anti atom bomb tablet to every citizen in the country surely we can also give them the truth. They deserve the truth, after all they are paying for it.


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Jul 26, 2006
The salient fact is that NAMA is excluded from FoI requests, by design.

The Galway Tent insurance policy kicking in, again.

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