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Social Welfare Stopped....Now Selling My Old Knickers!

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Sep 17, 2012
Okay.. This is a difficult one and I suppose strange. I need serious advise please, cannot sleep worrying about my situation and any advise would be much appreciated.

Where to start. My contract came to an end last year and I became unemployed, I had to sign on and I received job seekers benefit. I have car finance and various other debt and bills that €188 simply did not cover. I have and I still am looking for work but needless to say it has been incredibly difficult. Anyhow four weeks ago I received a letter from the social welfare asking me to fill out a form and that they were changing me over to job seekers allowance. I went to my local social welfare office and left forms in, a few days later I was asked to bring in, proof I was looking for work, a 3 month bank statement etc.

The girl dealing with my case saw I was getting money into my bank account and asked me if I was working I said no that it was something personal and after a few days my payment was stopped pending investigation.

Now... Here goes.... Because I couldn't pay my bills and needed to continue paying my car payments I started to sell my used underwear online to men who have a used panty fetish. I use a website strictly for that and I accept payment through paypal. Now I have good weeks and bad weeks but on average I'd say I get around an extra €350 a month which pays my car and insurance. I am not getting any extras and all I have to do is wear the knickers, take a picture of my butt in them and send to the buyer who orders them.

Anyway, I went back to the social welfare and I explained all of this to one of the supervisors and was honest about where the money was coming from. I'm not sure if she believed but I could prove it quite easily. My money is still stopped and she said I'd receive a decision out during the week.

Just want to know if anyone would know where I stand. I know it is a different type of situation and odd but honestly I really don't know what to do. It's not like I'm making a fortune or anything.

Thank you in advance.
Social welfare stopped, selling used underwear. - boards.ie

This is the original story of a woman selling her used pants online. I thought I'd post it, not least for humour on this wet afternoon but it seems it's being picked up by the mainstream media too. Her story is splashed across the Morning Herald. Personally, I think this woman is a great entrepreneur and should be commended for selling her old knickers. What do people think of her predicament?

Here's the front page...

/MOD/ There's a thread on this here: http://www.politics.ie/forum/chat/209137-social-welfare-recipient-dont-risk-selling-your-used-underwear-men-who-have-used-panty-fetish.html /MOD/
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