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May 8, 2007
There on hols three years ago. Drove to a place called Rhonda near Marbella. Literally thousands of wind turbines. An awesome sight. The area seemed very sparsely populated so nobody to complain about the whirring noises.


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Apr 1, 2010
There on hols three years ago. Drove to a place called Rhonda near Marbella. Literally thousands of wind turbines. An awesome sight. The area seemed very sparsely populated so nobody to complain about the whirring noises.
No sign of An Taisce over in Rhonda?!!


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Jun 14, 2007
Due to their finances the Spanish goverment are going to remove a lot of the tax concessions for renewables.
Another bubble getting ready to go pop?


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May 27, 2009


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May 23, 2008
Spain overtakes US with world's biggest solar power station | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Wouldn't it be great if Eire could get their ass in gear and avail of the wind/wave power we have in and around our island? Would it be possible for our island to produce most of our power needs from renewable sources?
SEAI - SEAI reports reveal growth in renewable energy and fall in electricity and gas prices

"SEAI’s report reveals that the share of electricity generated from renewable energy sources in 2009 was 14.4%, two-thirds of which was wind, ensuring that Ireland is well on track to fulfil Government targets on renewable electricity this year.

In 2009 alone, renewable energy sources generated enough electricity to power 750,000 homes, half of all households in Ireland."

Hans Von Horn

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Sep 4, 2015
THere is an endless supply of rushes on this island. When burned produce a fierce heat. Biofuel this useless plant. Thats all its good for.

How many MWh of heat per Hectare per year form Rushes?


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Sep 6, 2012


Cut in 2012 and again in 2014 (jpc was spot on in his/her prediction. you are 100% wrong with the benefit of 20:20 hindsight)

Spain kills Feed-in Tariff for renewable energy | Printing 3D Today

Spain's government has announced the end of the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) system for renewable energy. The Minister of Energy, Jose Manuel Soria, explained in a press briefing on Friday, after the weekly Council of Ministers' meeting, the keenly awaited energy reform intended to fix a structural cumulative deficit of 26 billion euros.

And upheld in the Courts last year. "Renewables: screwing the taxpayer and electricity consumer since 1989"


The first international lawsuit over the cuts to compensation for PV installations in Spain has resulted in a ruling against the companies that filed the suit, according to a statement by the Spanish Ministry of Industry.
Dutch company Charanne B.V. and Luxembourg’s Construction Investments S.A.R.L. had filed suit agains the King of Spain for regulatory changes in 2010 by the government through which compensation was significantly reduced for PV installations. RDL 14/2010 limited the number of hours that solar installations are paid through the feed-in tariff.

Oh, and this is the real data numbskull, not marketing from self-interested rent seekers:

Right now:

Electricity Map | Live CO2 emissions of the European electricity consumption

Solar = 2% of electricity demanded (delivering 13% of "installed capacity")
Wind = 13% of electricity demanded (delivering 22% of "installed capacity")

Guess why the lights aren't going out and the refrigerators aren't stopping? Yep - gas, coal and nuclear are producing the goods, with enough being left in reserve for when that 15% "renewables" drops to 0% as it does with little advance notice. It is stupidity on stilts. And consumers and taxpayers are paying for all of it - paying for double "capacity" and paying massively over the odds for the "renewable" slice.

You fúcking green muppets.


Apr 7, 2017
Renewables have just started to take off and are becoming ever more cheaper. It takes time but in some years especially solar will be dirty cheap.


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Jan 31, 2011
How long will it take the general public to understand that you cannot supply national grid systems from weather based sources. The exception is river based hydro generation. Spain's retrospectively cut wind farm subsidies several years ago which effectively ended further installations there. After they installed it they realize renewables don't save fossil fuel in the way that was claimed.

The ESB tried to warn of this in their 2004 report, paragraph 2 on page 24, but it was ignored. Here is an extract " However, it is an unfortunate fact that the contribution to adequacy of additional amounts
of wind decreases progressively and tends towards zero. Consequently, the incremental
capacity credit of increasing WPG tends to zero. This effect is demonstrated in Figure 16"

Here is the link. http://docs.wind-watch.org/EirGrid-WindImpact-Main.pdf

As for solar generation, it is even worse than wind. Useless

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