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Spanish Government Denies Coruption

General Urko

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Oct 24, 2012
Public protests in Spain today calling for the Spanish PM to resign in the wake of accusations of corruption! The specific issue is dealt with in El Pais -

Deputy PM says government is

Our lads have never been like that at all!:roll:
It featured on the RTE news also!

Given past financial scandals involving even big knobs such as Mitterand and Kohl, I often wonder what are they really chatting about at those European ministerial summits - could it be how to swindle, unnoticed, a few more pound at all!:mad:

I wonder if an Irish party in government was implicated in corruption like this would we have a protest outside the Dail!
And are the PIGS nations vastly more prone to these shananigans re corruption or rule bending and not calling it what it is, in the first place! Well I would add an F in this context that being 'France'!

For a more current update -
EL PAÍS in English
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