Stashing the boomtime lucre - are jewellers required to keep detailed records?


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Dec 5, 2009
It struck me reading the following article that when the state arranged it so that those owing large debts could continue to draw down on their deposits, one of the most logical things to do with the cash to preserve and conceal it, would have been to buy jewellery. Much easier to get it out of the country than cash, too.

Lawyers for Mr Drumm told the Commercial Court yesterday that Mr Drumm had made a settlement offer to the bank by letter on September 24, offering all his assets excluding his clothes and jewellery. >>>>>>>>


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Jan 23, 2005
I would be much more worried about the amount of Cash4Gold type outlets that are springing up in this recessionary time. This is a perfect way of thieves fencing stolen goods and liquidating them into cash.

I think these outlets need to be very very tightly regulated. Especially those which simply as people to post them items of value and they will send cash back in return.

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