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Marcos the black

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Feb 3, 2009
Keep on trolling , just like you did on IPO .
Quite happy to. But I'll leave this thread here. I just wanted to put your post into perspective.
Thank you for proving my point. 😊


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May 11, 2019
I have been giving out about the Brexiteers tearing up the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement since it drew a line under eight centuries of colonial rule.

Does not the same apply to Irish nationalism forgetting that the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement was an treaty of reconciliation.

Is stirring up trouble about the RIC/Black and Tan issue not contrary to the spirit of reconciliation of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement?
What did we learn years ago in school during our supposed RC driven totalitarian society about the treaty of Limerick,, Will we ever learn

yosef shompeter

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Dec 4, 2011
Just as a joke like, I sez to my neighbour: "Micheál Martin was knocking on your door, sez he was lookin for a job.
He's grand at cleaning and sweeping. I told him to call back in an hour."
Yer man nods.
Isn't t a quare world when a gay Indian puts a local man out of a job? I reply.
Well he goes and tells his neighbour and she reported me to the hate speech people.
What's a body to do this weather?

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