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May 9, 2012
Please use this thread to record and discuss any unintended consequences of the Brexit decision.

One potential consequence that I saw was that there are rumblings that UEFA will demand that the 4 "Home Nations" of the UK must amalgamate, so that the 4 current FAs within the UK will have to combine into 1, and that from now on that this new UK FA will only be able to provide 1 UK team for tournaments. The basis for this move is that the 4 separate FAs situation was only tolerable while the UK remained "pro-European". Now that the UK is on its way out of the EU some UEFA members want to stick to a strict "1 team per nation state" line.

That situation would last until any part of the UK left, at which point the new independent country involved could apply to UEFA for admission. Say Scotland if it was first to leave.

That might be tough as we have seen in the case of Gibraltar. The Gibraltar FA has been recognized by FIFA, but not be UEFA, due to internal pressures within UEFA. I'd expect more of this anti-UK feeling in future.


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Is the cost currently covered by the NHS?
Yes (plus flights, hotel and pocket money) but the NHS is owned by the EU.

There's been a huge surge of applications for UK passports from parents of Irish minor females.

UK unemployment figures have plummeted as a result.

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