Support two gaelcholáiste campaigns in Dublin


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Aug 2, 2006
There are forty gaelscoileanna in Dublin. The number sounds surprising I think. That is because we only have eight second-level gaelscoileanna or gaelcholáistí. Five on the southside of the city and three on the northside.

The great news is is that there are campaigns for two more- Coláiste Ghlór na Mara on the northside and Gaelcoláiste Deisceart Átha Cliath naturally on the southside. They have met all the Department of Education's requirements. Seemingly Coláiste Ghlór na Mara is closer to getting recognition than Gaelcholáiste Deisceart Átha Cliath is.

I urge you all to contact the Tánaiste and Education Minister Mary Coughlan asking her to give official recognition to these two schools and also if you wish to support any campaigns in your areas also.

Being the capital Dublin is crucially important for those of us interested in seeing the Irish language being promoted well.

The best way of making the Irish language community grow is for there to be an increasing number of gaelscoileanna particularly at second-level.

dónal na geallaí

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Mar 29, 2010
GRMA Darren.Cá bhfuil Coláiste Glór na Mara? Critics always say Gaelscoileanna are only for the nimby middle classes.

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