Supreme Court: Ban on asylum seekers working unconstitutional.


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Jan 10, 2011
Great comment .A friend also worked in these "hellholes".She told me of intimidation and harassment often accompanied by sexist racist and religious abuse ,all directed at her and other staff while they clean and attend to often disrespectful migrants.This was on an ongoing basis where the residents could at a whim demand staff members removed and even threatened some unfortunate staff with violence and worse.There was a constant core element from the religion of peace which intimidated all other residents into supporting their demands. Even when not working she was constantly on edge if out shopping etc for fear of running into one of the bad eggs.This fear still lingers 18 months after resigning. She told how residents would disappear for months on end to God knows where.She also told how residents could at a whim inform staff that the name they applied for asylum with was not their real name and from then on they wanted to be identified as this new name , all without a single piece of documentation. Irish people cant get away with this kind of nonsense so why would we allow others to. We need to get serious with dp alright.We need to weed out the scum , fingerprint them and send them home . If they wont say where they came from stick them on a rock in the atlantic .If they found a way to Ireland without passing through a safe country them surely they will find their own way home.Either way its not our problem.
its really simple, it creates work for the rent seeking parasites of the Legal profession who have the Taxpayer by the balls and won't be faced down by the cowardly political class ( as they have been bought and paid for)


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May 28, 2009
Most asylum seekers are men (funny that!!!) . Irish women won't want to partner a man who makes no money so he'll have to settle for the fat knacker ones (look at the poor African guys in town with fat knackers, they had to do it ) . This breeds an unhappiness and their children will be poor, non white (facing discrimination) and have no education at home (Africa /Asia + Irish knacker ) .

It's a recipe for future unemployment.

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