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Prester Jim

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Jul 3, 2009

cry freedom

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Nov 8, 2009
Remember Vincent Browne's interview with him some months back?
He stated that for the future wellbeing of our economy, we should publish each month in some prominent media source about 20 indices showing what way the fiscal ship of state was headed.
You know; GNP,GDP, Labour Statistics , Money Supply. [Feel free to add your own suggestions]
I thought it was a very good suggestion at the time and typical of the man.
I still think it should be followed up but all my promptings on this site have come to naught.
With this vital information, published regularly, opinion formers might be in a better position to suggest course corrections if imbalances were spotted early.
Prominently published, it would be less plausible for governments to ignore them or claim ignorance as they do now.
We don't do Knighthoods in this country but implementing these reports and calling them "The Whitaker Indices" would convey some of the gratitude we undoubtedly owe this great Irishman.


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Oct 13, 2008
It's a terrible shame that we don't have anyone in the modern public service who could hold a candle to T.K. Whitaker. It's like the greasy till merchants have taken over everything.

A bit of national pride and a sense of public spirit is what is needed in Ireland and it's been sadly lacking for quite some time.

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