The British Are Coming


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Jul 1, 2008
Irish weather will sort this out . If you are not born to Irish weather then you may Fly like the Wild Geese .


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Mar 17, 2018
I'd say English immigrants would head for Counties Kerry, Cork, Galway, Mayo, to the scenic rural areas rather than cities and towns.
If you are young not a bother but remember the health service is not great here or public transport so people moving in their sixties might regret it in their eighties.
If I was you somewhere like Mullingar, an hour from Dublin, bus and rail services, it has a hospital, and a quite cosmopolitan air for a Midlands town.
Thank you Paddy, would anybody have a problem with my clearly English accent? I’m hoping to lose it as quickly as possible because I’m actually Irish and I don’t want any indication that I’ve had anything to do with that despicable nation that I was unfortunately raised in. I know the Irish are the friendliest people on Earth so I’m not worried I just don’t want anyone to think I’m one of them or anything.

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