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"The Brussels Business" director on EU's "democratic deficit"


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Sep 1, 2008
Friedrich Moser wants "more integration", but although he acknowledges the "democratic deficit" and the fact that the EU is a project of the elites, he just can't figure out that the EU's democratisation is just not going to happen because of said elites and the design they favour, even though he gives a few ideas of how to bring in democratic legitimacy (as could the legendary superhero "Captain Obvious"). Hopefully one day he will get over his cognitive dissonance in this respect.

(T)here is a democratic deficit compared to the member states. Firstly because, in the member states, the Parliament is involved in the legislative process from the very beginning. This means you have a debate from the start. In Brussels it is not the case. This is why we demand that the European Parliament is given the right to initiate legislation. It will be beneficial on both sides because presently, the Parliament can only block the Commission’s or the Council’s proposals.

Secondly, there’s no public debate on European topics because the press does not talk about them: 80 percent of what controls our daily life starts out as a legislation in Brussels. So, it should be treated as an internal politics by the media. But the media treat it as external affairs, or say “European affairs are so complicated that people are not interested.” So people are not aware of what happens in Brussels. ...

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