The failure of FPTP 'democracy' in the UK


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Feb 23, 2018
The idea of having a single Parliamentary representative for a huge area with disparate views in Parliament seems alien to Irish people used to a representative form of democracy - but this is how UK 'democracy' actually works.
It inevitably results in a two party system which creates massive frustration in large sections of the community that never gets expression politically
Which is why the 51% who voted for Brexit were a massive protest that were never allowed a voice
Now the HoC can't even decide if they want a Brexit / NoBrexit / Deal / NoDeal / Suspension / NoSuspension
What can Europe do with such a disfunctional country that can't decide anything and who's electoral system denies them their democratic rights?
Its own form of democracy denies itself a chance of sorting itself out
Is there any hope for the UK?
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