The Final Dollar Collapse Part 1: Record low against the Swiss Franc

Squire Allworthy

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May 31, 2007
Very few threads on this web site are essentially positive.
I would love to see a thread started with ideas outlining the solution to our countries problems.

Regarding Cs's views here it cannot be denied that the Fed's policy of continuing to print dollars is going to lead to a devaluation of the dollar whether that be against the Swiss franc or any other currency.

Agree with sentiment.

On dollar I think it should also be seen in the context of the game being played out between China and the US over the value of the Yuan. Every day there are pronouncements, 'the Yuan should be 25% - 40% upgraded and counter allegations- would cause civil unrest. The Chinese cannot afford a major devaluation of the dollar. Interesting problem.

Sep 10, 2008
Even though we didnt get the emergency budget in April, Its VERY clear we should have had one.

Of course the fact that we are now back in a recession clearly shows how the government have been asleep at the wheel.


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Oct 10, 2007
Dollar is now tanked IMO significantly - by design or not.

1 CHF = 1.017 USD

That is the first time I've seen that, I think, ever. A sure sign that although the franc is always a sure bet (not a money making bet, but a safe bet), the franc has also stepped back a bit against the euro (1.32) and is retaining it's steady position of 1.55 to the GBP.

While the USD does move up and down to the EUR (1.34) and GBP (1.58), I really can't say when the CHF was ever worth more than a USD, as it's not like the CHF has crossed a significant psychological barrier vs the other currencies.

(Oh right yes, the CHF is minor and doesn't mean squat, etc., as per some of the other posters. Move along, nothing to see here, etc., ......).

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