The first 100 days of the next government

DeGaulle 2.0

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Oct 2, 2008
It is likely that the next government will be a Fine Gael/Labour coalition of some sort. I have been devising a program for the first 100 days. Feel free to add to it. Obviously economic issues are going to dominate but there are other things to consider also.

1. Transparency. All governmment contracts to be revealed, including those by government agencies such as the NRA. No hiding behind "commercial sensivity". The freedom of information act to be strengthened. All government information to be freely available.

2. Perjury. A mandatory 2-year minimum prison sentence for perjury. The DPP to be instructed to prosecute all cases of perjury dating back to 1997. No more judges asking witnesses to reconsider their evidence.

3. Asset recovery. Where debtors are pleading inability to pay after tramsferring assets to family members and where the state is at a significant loss as a result, these assets to be seized by the state. An ETAB (Economic Traitors Assets Bureau) to be established by revenue if necessary.

4. The first line of the national anthem to be officially defined as "Sinne Laochra Fáil"

Constitutional referendums to be held immediately if required to implement any of the above.

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