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The Gardai are getting new vehicles


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Oct 3, 2008
i heard a story years ago that the gardai got a budget allocation for new armoured volvo suv's to take on the drug gangs....the budget was appropriated to buy a few ministerial mercs by bertie.
cowen knew he couldn't drive around in brand new (armoured and supercharged) mercs so had them mothballed in the phoenix park. don't know if they are still sitting there still.

the gardai have converted confiscated drug dealer SUVs into patrol cars.

back on topic, half the gardai these days are so fat and small that i'm sure the segways are a health and safety/ disability tool to prevent heart attacks when walking from pearce street to the mccafe on grafton street for a box of donuts.
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Feb 4, 2008
Armed response unit have been driving around in volvos suv's for some time as far as I know,. Definitely in Limerick and for a few years or more.

I know they confiscated SUV's from drug dealers in 2008 but havent see any in use or heard of them being used.

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