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The Green Party ... in pictures!


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Sep 13, 2008

Your desk top garden which can be purchased at.....Green store....

Green store

Ah Well

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Dec 18, 2008

Incidentally, the above is a Pic of Security Men on the slope of Rath Lugh, an ancient bronze age promontory fort where the M3 motorway is "now driving on thru"

Roche did his dirty deeds at the eleventh hour, exit stage left and in stepped Gormley

That was then .... and now is now

The Greens are no longer what they once stood for ... perhaps if they stood back from the present madness and seriously and deeply reflected on that it might become obvious


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Feb 3, 2009
That's a great backround photoshop Digout.:)

Kathy Bates.
Michael McDowell.
Two lads from an Early House.
If my memory serves me correctly, there is not one bit of photoshop about that photo. Unless you are making some joke which went over my head !