The Hand - A sticky fingered Fianna Failer?


Duth Ealla

Everyone knows that the Fianna Failers are keeping a low profile what with bankrupting the country.

Fianna Fail posters have tiny FF logos, they run as independents or just generally keep quite.

So where do the gombeens hang out on Facebook.

Low and behold:

The Hand | Facebook

The Hand is just that a hand. Clever little idea but after a few posts of general news you frequently tend to come across stuff like the following:

The HandIn fairness to Mary Harney she suggested that we should complain and shop around many years ago!

The HandIs anybody else sick and tired of the continious negativity in the national media. Is it not time that we accept that we are in recession, it is not easy but if we work together we will get through this. We were there is the 80s and survived because we had determination and just got on with it.

okay a bit weird but then you start to see that every post is a kick in the teeth to Sinn Fein, Labour and Fine Gael. Ususally there follows comments from people who you could imagine would have been listening live to the Lakes of Pontchartrain.

So whats the verdict. Is this a nasty nest of Fianna Failers or just a nut job site for people who think Mary Harney told us all along


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Dec 21, 2007
They are all FF'ers alright.

Upper Chamber

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Aug 26, 2008
I thought the Ivor Callelly poster might be a spoof but you never really know with FF.

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