The HPV vaccine and the need for zero tolerance for stupidity


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Apr 22, 2010
Robert Kennedy Junior is one of America's greatest legal experts. He has applied his expertise to vaccine issues in recent years. What Kennedy reveals in the following talk has worldwide implications because the WHO generally follows American protocols for vaccination. And it has particular relevance for Ireland because Ireland tends to slavishly follow the American healthcare model. Also, Simon Harris is about to offer the HPV vaccine Gardasil to every boy in Ireland (as well as girl). It costs about €400 per child, but sure the taxpayer will pay.

Kennedy shows that the safety testing of Gardasil was a fiasco and that the manufacturer Merck committed all sorts of scientific frauds to get it to market.

[Kennedy has an unfortunate voice disorder, spasmodic dysphonia, which makes him hard to listen to at times, but the words are powerful...]

It is not surprising that Gardasil seems to be the worst childhood vaccine as regards nasty side effects and even death. You don't have to go to America to see that. The hundreds of families in the Regret organization in Ireland could enlighten you, but of course they are excluded by the mainstream media and spurned by successive Ministers for Health. They all have stories to tell like the unfortunate mother in this video [Warning: It will tear your heart out.]:
"My daughter died four hours after the Gardasil vaccine"


Don’t try again.


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Aug 10, 2006
Just to repeat my polite reminder that of the 450 'vaccine injured' girls that REGRET say they represent, and who definitely exist and are not made up at all:

  • Not a single one has initiated legal proceedings for personal injury
  • Not a single one has reported their case via the HPRA Adverse Reaction reporting system

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