"The Media" and the election- the VB show analysis


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Feb 14, 2011
OK I was a bit partisan, but the point I was trying to make is about the media being above critical comment. Shane Ross and Ivan Yates have got the vast majority of their commentary wrong over the last few years, yet no one dares to point this out.
Just last week a Cllr from Dublin was critical of travellers, que Clare Byrne asking should they be censured, Breda O'Brien writes an article in a similar vane, watch the rest of the media dance around the issue, but no criticism of a fellow hack.
It is a mistake to finger individual journalists.

The main point is that during the boom media in general including internet media either cheer led the view that all in the garden was rosy or were silent.

What was actually happening, however, was that the decisions of a small number of this country's most powerful citizens were bankrupting the country.

Academia were not much better.

Surely that is an important issue if we are to learn lessons.

But it is ignored.

Instead the discourse is filled with partisan and personalised abuse.

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