The Poll-Toppers in Sligo-Leitrim (map)


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Jun 7, 2004
These are the poll-toppers across the sprawling 4-seater of Sligo-Leitrim.

As can be seen there was quite a division between North Leitrim and South Leitrim, where Sligo candidates took a significant number of votes. Sligo candidates also took a majority of the votes in South Donegal, while Leitrim candidates took a majority of the vote in West Cavan.


Jun 9, 2007
North Leitrim - areas like Glencar and Dromahair - might as well be in Sligo, the people are tied in with Sligo Town, not with Carrick-on-Shannon.

Interesting little enclave in the area around Grange, from the mountain over to Streedagh and Lislary (my late dad's place) and up to Cliffoney (plus that orange bit over at Raghly). I wonder what made them vote differently from all around them (an independent and a PBP candidate winning in those traditionally FF areas).

Actually I don't wonder, I know right well.

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