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Prof Honeydew

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Sep 17, 2010
The Competition Directorate's ruling on the Apple case assumed a number of very strange aspects such as:
- extending EU powers over sectors not covered in treaties such as taxation and industrial policy
- demanding back payment of taxes despite the company concerned having already satisfied its liabilities to the competent tax authorities

The ruling was justified on the basis that preventing the distortion of competition overrides all other considerations of EU treaties, powers of national governments and international law.

Is it not exceedingly dangerous to grant the unelected officials of Competition Directorate the authority to override the democratic wishes of national parliaments and the Council of Ministers? Is this not comparable to Putin's bureaucratic power grab in Russia where a coach-and-four has been driven through the country's legal and constitutional structure in the name of national security? And is this the sort of overbearing behaviour that provokes reactions like Brexit?

Those politicians wringing their hands over the implications of Brexit should also concern themselves with consequences of what Miss Vestager and her boss Mister Juncker are up to.

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