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Oct 10, 2007
The solution to the entire global currency fiat paper money mess and all the hassle it's caused occurred to me when I was reading this:

Mike Elk: Explosion Rocks Honeywell Uranium Facility Run by Scab Workers

Basically, all of the guys in the banks who want to keep huge bonuses and so on, don't actually look at any of it as actual money, because in reality, it's the competition between them that insists one person's bonus has to be £500k instead of last years £450k, or if their colleague got £600, the other guy has to have £700k. Profits are alwasy made, but they have to go up - 100 million one year, 120 million the next. It's meaningless at that level, so it must be just the competition that keeps it driving.

But, none of it has any real relationship to money's daily value - that it represents actual work of actual people.

So, we need to keep paying some oney in actual money (normal fiat money we all use), but for these magic loans and bonuses of billions and trillions we only need to use magic beans. If I am a hardcore banker and my colleague is also, we both get £50k, but I get a million bean bonus and my colleaugue only 750k beans, I will still be able to gloat in the pub, etc., . Essentially, seeing as they have been treating money as a toy, it really doesn't have much value anyway, so allow the competition to continue - but not with actual money they don't have.

Sort of like a financial sandbox these bankers need to be using Microsoft Xbox Live points or something, not money. The rest of us then don't have to suffer inflation, etc., .

So when you deposit 10 grand in the bank in money, the bank can only lend it's 90k of magic xbox live beans to a developer. They can't just magic up some real money - it only becomes real if the developer makes something real and real money starts to flow back. Otherwise, it's just magic beans and losses are worth nothing anyway - no money has been lost.

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